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The Jap Hank Box revised! A small black rectangular box without a top or bottom is displayed to the audience. Immediately flames leap out of the top of the box! The flames go out and a red silk handkerchief is pulled from the box. Again flames appear. The hank is then pushed through the burning box and the flames are extinguished. The box is shown empty again! Lastly, the hank is threaded through the box via the two small finger holes in each end of the box. Again flames appear but the hank does not burn. The hank is pulled from the box, the flames go out, and the hank is completely unharmed. This is incredible magic, easy to do, and aesthetically pleasing to watch. NOTE: This item has long been off the market, is rare and is difficult to find. The Illusion Warehouse was the USA wholesale supplier of Yutaka Kikuchi Magic before his demise. We only have one of these Fire Boxes on hand, and in fact didn't even know that we had this item until we recently found it while cleaning out our stock room. After this one is sold, we will once again remove this item from our website.

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