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This dynamic production effect was created by the late Jack Gwynne. Gwynne used it in his vaudeville act for many years because of the effect's mobility and the fact that it can be performed almost surrounded.

The audience sees a three fold screen. Sitting on top of the screen is a tray. The magician proceeds to assemble a box on top of the tray by hinging up the back, two sides, the front, and finishing the cabinet by placing on the top. The magician then lifts the tray and box up off the screen and shows the rear of the screen. The box is placed back down on top of the screen. The magician then opens the box top door, and proceeds to produce a huge load of silk hanks, livestock, and or other production items.

This beautifully built piece of apparatus features 3/8" birch luan and formica type laminate finish. It is a first-class prop through and through, and proudly made by Chadwick Illusion Fabrications on a custom-built basis.

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