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This is Harry Houdini's famous escape illusion effect. The magician is handcuffed, placed into a canvas sack and the sack is tied shut. The performer is then placed into a trunk, the trunk is closed, padlocked, tied shut with a rope or chain and so forth. The magician's assistant stands on top of the trunk, momentarily raises a cover, and the two performers instantaneously change places! The magician is now free and the assistant is found inside the trunk, inside the tied sack, and handcuffed! We build some of the finest sub trunks ever made. We supply the trunk. You can purchase handcuffs elsewhere on our website and we recommend the Sack-X Escape listed above for the bag. This trunk comes apart and packs flat for transport. Made by Chadwick Illusion Fabrications. Go to to download a PDF flyer regarding this great prop. Please note that this effect like all of our other illusions do not qualify for free shipping. However it can be shipped via UPS at cost.

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