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This is incredible visual magic. The magician displays a penny in his hand. With a snap of the fingers over the coin from the other hand, the penny instantly changes into a dime! Two brass-looking rings are displayed to the audience. The magician magically makes one ring cling to the other. The rings are separated and can be handed out for examination. The spectators cannot make the rings cling together like the magician did! Same quality at a new lower price! 0081FOLcz-0006

The magician borrows a $20 bill from a spectator. He has the spectator write their name with large letters across the face of the bill. The magician folds up the bill into a small packet, places it up under a handkerchief, and has the spectator hold the bill through the hank. A few moments later the magician whips the hank away from the volunteer's hands and the bill vanishes. The magician apologizes and offers to share his lunch. He reaches into a sack and removes a lemon. Using an ordinary butter knife, the magician cuts the lemon in half. Inside is the signed bill!

This outfit comes with everything necessary to perform this classic effect in magic including the tool necessary to prepare the lemon, sack, specially prepared handkerchief, sharpie markers, gimmick, and complete instructions. $20 not included! Borrow that from a spectator and if you play it correctly, he might give it to you as a tip!

The magician borrows a dollar bill and has the spectator mark it for future identification. He then makes the dollar bill vanish using his favorite method. The magician then reveals a beautiful brass tube that is shut with a cap and padlock. The magicians gives the spectator a key, the spectator opens the padlock, removes the cap, and inside is the missing dollar bill! Or the magician can make a marked playing card appear in the tube! Or any other object that can be vanished and that will fit in the tube can be used as well. This is a dynamite utility device that has many possibilities. Carl Brema and Sons made their mark on magic with their finely machined brass products. In this same fine tradition, we offer this beautifully made Bill Tube. The exterior is highly polished brass and is an incredible piece of metalwork. 0012RUMBILLTUBEBRASS

This is a utility prop that will allow you to vanish whatever you place inside, be it a dollar bill, a playing card, beads, etc. Simply place the item inside the tube and push on the cap. Give the tube to a spectator and ask him to open it back up. To his astonishment, he will discover that the object previously placed in the tube has vanished! The object can be made to reappear from the magician's pocket, in a nest of boxes, or other appearing apparatus. From Viking Magic.

A coin is wrapped-up in a piece of paper. The packet is wrapped-up in a second piece of paper, and that packet is wrapped-up in a third piece of paper. When the papers are un-wrapped, the coin has vanished! The trick can be done in reverse as well to make a coin appear, or one coin or other small flat object can be made to change into another object. A great utility principle in magic.

A quarter is borrowed from a spectator. The magician takes a cigarette and slowly penetrates the cigarette right through the quarter! What, you don't smoke? Good for you! Use a chop stick, pencil, magic wand, or other slender object. Borrow a dollar bill and roll it up into a tube. Push the dollar through the quarter! Scott Hollingsworth suggests a penetrating a large feather through the coin! Precision made and highly recommended. 0822RUMTCIGTHRUQ

The magician hands an ordinary quarter out for examination. The coin is laid on top of the neck opening to remind the audience how impossible it would be to push a push a coin through neck opening! That's exactly what the magician proceeds to do however. He puts his empty hands around the coin and neck opening of the bottle and the coin drops right into the bottle! The coin can be shaken out and handed back out for examination.

Other routines enable you to penetrate the coin through the bottom of the bottle. The bottle can be a regular soda pop bottle or it can be one of the small bottles such as a Perrier water bottle! This coin is one of the best available on the magic market.

Also the Gene Gordon "Bite Coin" effect can be performed where you apparently bite off a piece of the coin and then spit it out whereby it mysteriously reappears back onto the coin.

IMPORTANT! This quarter is the new "internal system" coin that does not require the use of rubber bands! That's right, no more latex rubber bands to get brittle and break! Now perform folding coin routines with confidence and ease. This is an incredible advancement in the art of coin magic that just made the classic coin in the bottle routine practical and professional. 0051RUMTFOLDQINT

The perfect mini clasp type coin purse to keep your coins and other small props in as well as an indispensable prop for many of your coin routines. Not much bigger than a silver dollar in size. 003nufgo00820

Wow! What a great close-up magic trick! In the right hands, this finely machined brass trick will really fool you! Based upon a very old principle, the magician displays two brass rings and a brass "checker" or plug. The plug is placed between the two rings and the rings are snapped together. This forms a single unit that can be thoroughly examined. The magician then displays three quarters and drops them into the top ring. Of course the checker/plug keeps the quarters from passing through. A little shake however, and a quarter seemingly penetrates right throught the barrier and falls out the bottom ring! The top quarters are poured out and shure enough, there are now only two quarters on top! The trick is repeated a second time and of course the second quarter passes through. The last quarter is made to vanish and it too mysteriously penetrates right through! This is finely made magic at its best. The rings and plug may be throughly examined before and after the performance. They are ungimmicked in every way! A very nice magic trick and extremely well made. Comes complete with an instructional DVD. 057MM0407

A small sheet of rubber about five inches square is displayed. On the sheet of rubber are two coins, a dime and penny. The dime is chosen and the penny is removed. The sheet of rubber with the dime is then placed over a glass as per the illustration. The spectator is invited to push down on the dime with his finger. Instantly the dime mystically penetrates through the rubber sheet! The dime and rubber sheet can be thoroughly examined and no, the rubber sheet does not have a hole in it. Comes with extra sheets of rubber to give you many performances. 571FOLlf-0062
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