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The magician opens a box, briefcase or bag away from all tables or other suspicious devices. Then, from inside the container, he removes a full-sized broom! Take a look at the picture above - it's the real deal. It's an actual picture of the broom being removed from a standard box. No camera trickery. The broom can just as easily be removed from a paper sack, backpack, or production item like a square circle or mirror box. The possibilities with this versatile prop are virtually limitless. The broom does not telescope as some might suspect, but is actually produced from the container in a single solid piece. There is nothing complicated about the production - just pull it out of any commonplace container and listen to your audience react. Guaranteed to get gasps and laughs. Each appearing broom is approximately 5 feet tall, and comes complete with instructions.

The magician reaches into his briefcase or into a paper sack and starts removing a pole. The pole grows taller and taller as the performer removes the pole foot by foot! Ultimate the two inch in diameter pole is about eight feet in length! You can decorate this pole so that it looks like a flag pole, pole vaulting stick, street sign, or other. Simple and easy to do, the trick comes complete with the pole and instructions. An no, it doesn't work on the vanishing or appearing cane principle. Humm . . . .

At the end of an exceptionally good trick, the magician picks up a sign that says "Applause Please." Of course your kind audience acknowledges your comical request and begins applauding. You turn the card over and it says "Thank you." Turn the card over again and it says "Both of you!" A cute bit of by-play that helps make magic the fine entertainment art form that it is.

The magician reaches into a paper sack, cardboard box, his top hat or other container and removes a small banana. As he transfers the banana from one hand to the other, the banana suddenly multiplies into two bananas! The magician takes one of the bananas and places it into the container. He reaches over to take the remaining banana and it too multiplies into two bananas! The trick can be performed over and over. The comedy increases every time the performer discards one banana, reaches to grab the remaining banana and it multiplies into two! In the end, the magician discards the remaining bananas. He reaches over to the container and it is empty! The bananas are made of yellow sponge rubber and this trick is always ready anytime you want to "monkey around!" 0021RUMSPONGEBANA_MD

The magician fires his gun. Instead of an noisy raport, a banner flips out of the gun that reads "BANG!" A classic comedy effect. 59nufno00130

The magician displays a small two-inch red sponge ball. He tells the audience that the ball will vanish from his hand and reappear in his pocket. He attempts to use his "sleight-of-hand" to make the ball vanish from his hand, but the audience can clearly see the edges of the "vanished ball" poking out between the fingers of his other hand. When the red is displayed however, it is a giant red hand! "I guess you caught me RED HANDED!" exclaims the magician! The magician then reaches into his pocket and sure enough, there is the vanished red ball! Simple and easy to do, the outfit comes complete with the big red hand, duplicate sponge ball for the reappearance, and complete instructions. 600nufgo01110

Give a clean cloth towel to your spectator so that he can wipe his hands. Take the cloth back from him and open it up. Comical hand prints are now all over the cloth! A cute bit of byplay that adds fun to any adult or child comedy magic routine. Instructions included.

The magician introduces a small hat for the kid volunteer to wear on his or her head. The blue hat proves to be too small and so it is unfolded to produce a larger green hat. Still the hat is too small and so it is unfolded to produce an even larger red hat! Still too small, the hat is unfolded again to produce a spotted hat. This hat completely covers the volunteer's entire head! Still too small exclaims the magician, the hat is unfolded yet again and a giant striped hat is plunked down over the volunteer's head. When turned around, the hat has a funny picture of the Jolly Green Giant! Great children's by-play that will be long remembered! 0018nufhl00040

The magician opens a Japanese style fan and fans himself. Wanting to share the breeze, the magician closes the fan and hands it to his volunteer. When the volunteer opens the fan, the fan falls apart in shreds! The magician can take the fan back, open it, and it is fully restored! Finally give the fan to the spectator and it works properly. The spectator gives the fan back to you and it falls apart! It's obviously the fan's fault! 053FOLre-0007

The magician demonstrates the famous "Color Changing Shoelace Trick." He picks up a yellow shoelace and begins tucking it into the fist of his hand. As it comes out the other side of his fist, little by little the shoelace changes to the color green! Of course the audience suspects two shoelaces, especially since the magician has kept his hand in the suspicious "fist position!" The magician finally opens his fist and sure enough there is another shoelace but it is red! The magician reaches into his pocket and pulls out the "missing" yellow shoelace! 007MURPREMIUMCOLCHANSHOE
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