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A volunteer from the audience assists the magician. The magician breaks open an egg and apparently dumps it into a small can. The magician then takes a rectangular piece of cardboard, covers the mouth of the can, and turns the can and cardboard upside down, placing all on top of the volunteer's head. With the volunteer holding the cardboard and can in place, the magician starts searching for his misplaced sheet of instructions. Suddenly he realizes that the cardboard is the instruction sheet and so he whips it out from between the egg can and the volunteer's head! The card appropriately states, "Do Not Remove!" The precarious situation is resolved however when the magician raises the can to reveal not the egg mess, but a glass full of candy that he gives to the volunteer for his assistance! A great trick invented by the late Don Alan. Our version is a couple of dollars more expensive than our competitors, but our version includes a laminated "instruction card" to make the effect last indefinitely.

The classic magical effect, The Egg Bag, has never been explained as well as on this DVD, from the Greater Magic Video Library. Four top professional routines are performed. Martin Lewis shows and explains the Senor Mardo Egg Bag, Tom Mullica entertains with the Comedy Egg Bag, Billy McComb bedazzles you with his favorite routine using the Whiskey Egg Bag, and finally, the last segment is a lecture by Charlie Miller and Johnny Thompson the famous "Malini Egg Bag." Long a classic effect, but seldom performed, this DVD will instruct and teach how the novice or professional can add an excellent effect to their act. Excerpts from the Greater Magic Video Library, plus new material from Martin Lewis' great routine and explanation with the Senor Mardo Bag. This teach-in DVD, the third of the "Teach-in" series, spotlights another magic classic and gives an in-depth view of this popular effect.

This is one of the most incredible versions of the traditional Egg Bag effect that has ever been released to the magic fraternity. Because of the direct and simple effect of an egg appearing and disappearing in the bag, the Egg Bag is considered to be a classic magic effect. It is not surprising therefore that many professional magicians feature the Egg Bag in their act at some point in their career.

The Bighorse Egg Bag brings a new dimension to this wonderful effect. With this incredible prop, the magician can simply drop an egg into the bag, immediately turn the bag inside out, and show the egg has vanished. There is no fumbling or hesitation to make the egg disappear. Simply drop the egg into the bag, turn the bag inside out, and the egg is gone! Or in reverse, turn the bag inside out to show it empty. Reach into the bag and produce the egg.

Also the traditional "sucker" routine of the magician pretending to sneak the egg out of the bag, hide it under his arm and so forth, is easy to do with this bag. For the climax, the magician reaches into the bag and produces a rubber fried egg! The yolk's on you!

We won't "egg you on," but this egg-straordinary effect features egg-ceptional fun and applause! This beautifully made cloth bag is expertly tailored and hand-made by Cindy Bighorse. The outfit comes complete with bag, fake egg, climax fried rubber egg, and complete instructions.

A small bag is shown empty inside and out. The magician reaches into the bag and produces an egg! The magician then proceeds to make the egg vanish and reappear inside the bag. He can even incorporate a bit of comedy by-play when he apparently places the egg "under his arm" to make it look like the egg vanishes! Still the egg vanishes and appears in the bag! The Malini style bag is black in color.

This wonderful Egg Bag is manufactured by Gladys Lewis of Magikraft Studios. This bag is easy to handle and the gaff is invisible event with direct inspection. This style of bag provides many other effects and novel moves as compared to traditional egg bags. Comes complete with detailed instructions.

This unique Egg Bag features a see-through mesh front. The magician simply displays the bag to be empty, something apparent due to the transparent panel. Suddenly an egg visibly appears in the bag! The magician removes the bag and places it into his hat or other container. Suddently a second egg appears in the bag! Routine this sequence over and over again with egg after egg apparently appearing. The bag can also be used to vanish an egg as well. Comes with fake egg and complete instructions. 054nuf01230

An egg appears in the magician's mouth. He takes it out and discards it. Again another egg appears. He takes it out and discards it. The trick can be performed over and over again. No difficult sleight-of-hand required. You can stop laying eggs at any time! As seen in the movie AIRPLANE with Leslie Nielsen.

This is one of the most beautiful magic tricks in the world. The magician tears a corner off a sheet of tissue paper. He crumbles it into a ball and lays it on a Japanese style fan. Using the fan to repeatably bounce the ball up into the air and catch it on the fan again, the ball of paper slowly transforms into an egg! The egg is then taken from the fan and broken into a glass to prove it is real. Another way to do the effect is to place the small piece of paper into a brandy snifter type glass. The glass is slowly shaken around and around, back and forth until the paper slowy transforms into an egg. The egg is then poured out of the glass into the magician's hand and then is broken into the glass to prove it is real. This outfit comes with the egg and instructions. Brandy snifter and fan not included.

The magician reaches into his hat and removes a bamboo mat. He shows both sides of the mat, folds it in half and proceeds to dump an egg out of the mat! Again the magician shows the mat empty on both sides, folds it, and dumps out another egg. The trick can be performed over and over again. When finished, the magician picks up the hat, turns it upside down, and the eggs have vanished! Comes with mat, the "eggs," and complete instructions. Use your own hat or any other receptacle to catch the eggs.

This is the most realistic fake egg we have ever seen for the Silk to Egg effect. Lay it next to a real egg and you cannot tell which one is fake and which one is real! The hole size is correct and the egg will take either a 12 or 18 inch sized silk hank with room to spare. Note that this is the egg only and does not come with a routine. For a description of the effect as it is usually used, please see the Silk to Egg - Vernet description below. Recommended.
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