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The magician takes a strip of paper, folds it in half, and then snips a piece out of the strip's middle. When the paper is unfolded however, the paper has restored! The trick can be repeated several times. Finally the magician cuts the paper at a 45 degree angle. When the paper is opened, it is restored in a 90 degree "L" shape fashion! Easy to do. These instructions show how to make this great effect with ordinary newspaper and easy to find supplies from the office supply store. An invention attributed to Joseph Kolar (1883-1949).

The magician takes two pieces of tissue paper and tears them up. When he unfolds the papers, they have transformed into a beautiful ladies hat! Two more pieces of paper are torn-up but when they are unfolded, they are a hilarious pair of underpants! A great comedy routine that you could do with a couple of volunteers from the audience. Six hats and six pants are included.

This is the classic Gene Anderson newspaper trick featured by many top-notch magicians including the late Doug Henning! Several pages of newspaper are freely displayed. The pages are torn to pieces and then in a flash, are instantly restored! The restored pages are displayed page-by-page! This DVD video gives great insructions on how to make what is probably one of the best tricks in magic today and certainly the best torn and restored newspaper method ever devised. Highly recommended.

This is a great torn and restored paper trick invented by Arnold Furst and made famous by Karrell Fox. The magician displays a strip of paper with the phrase "FRESH FISH SOLD HERE." He discusses the reduntancy of the words and tears away the word "HERE." Likewise the other words "FRESH and SOLD" are systematically torn away leaving only the word "FISH." Not descriptive enough concludes the magician and he unfolds the torn pieces to once again display the full title "FRESH FISH SOLD HERE!" A great torn and restored paper tear effect. Comes complete with enough tears for twelve performances.

The magician displays what appears to be an ordinary child's coloring book, but it has a problem. When it is leafed open, the coloring book has no pictures to color. With some magic words however, the book is now filled with typical coloring book type line drawings! All that is left is to color the pictures, right? Too much work! The magician displays a box of wax crayons. With a quick whisk of a handkerchief in front of the box, the crayons instantly disappear! Where did the colors go? The magician flips open the coloring book and each picture is now fully colored! This fine edition of the ancient "blow book" principle features expert craftsmanship and fine mechanics. It is beautifully printed and most importantly, it packs small and plays big! The coloring book comes complete with crayons and full instructions. Any handkerchief for the crayons vanish can be used. Recommended. 006MM6470

The magician takes a small strip of white paper, tears it into pieces and crumbles it into a ball. He puts the ball into his mouth. When the magician starts pulling the paper from his mouth, it comes out as a 25 foot long multi-colored streamer! The paper can be coiled and put around a volunteer's neck like a necklace! If putting objects in your mouth seems objectionable, you can pull the streamer from your hand. Use the coils inside your favorite production apparatus to produce a colorful addition to the items produced. A dozen coils are included in each package. These are the professional coils made in the USA, not the "india" type that tear easily and do not work properly. A couple of dollars more expensive, but well worth it! 0001NUFro00015

A square sign with an arrow on it is shown to the audience. The sign is rotated to show that the other side has an arrow as well, both arrows pointing the same direction to the right. The sign is turned over again and the arrow now points up! Turn it over again and the arrow points left! Turn it over again and it points down! Lastly turn it over one last time and the arrows are now pointed to the right the same way they were when the trick first started! Last, the sign is unfolded (it folds like a book) and inside is a picture of a one way sign! Note that this trick can also be used as a gospel trick. The panels can unfold the opposite way to show a picture of the world and then unfolded yet another way to display the biblical text where Christ says, "I am the way, the truth and the life . . .." A great trick for church audiences when the occasion arises, or do the trick for secular audiences without the Gospel application. Packs flat and is easy to do. Note that this trick is also called the Dizzy Arrow.

The magician displays a sheet of newspaper on both sides. Suddenly he busts his fingers through the paper and pulls a silk handkerchief half-way into view! The magician can turn the newspaper around and show the hank protruding from both sides. This same production can be repeated two or three more times. This unique gimmick is made of metal and with proper care should last a lifetime. Use any unprepared newspaper or tabloid. Gimmick and instructions only, silk hanks not included.

The magician displays a small bowl, a small container of water, an oriental fan, and some strips of tissue paper. After showing his hands and the bowl to be completely empty, water is poured into the bowl. A piece of tissue paper is then crumbled into a ball and dipped in the water. Wringing out the paper, the magician then takes an ordinary oriental fan and begins to fan the ball of wet paper. Suddenly like a host of butterflies, the paper transforms into hundreds of dry confetti-like pieces that float through the air! We supply complete instructions, bowl, paper, oriental fan, and three packages of Snowstorm packets, enough for 36 performances! This is a beautiful effect in magic that always seems to please the old and young alike.

For those "in the know" regarding the workings of the Snowstorm in China effect, we sell one dozen refills for the snowstorm effect. These packets are also great to punctuate the climax of various magic effects, for toss-out effects, to incorporate into silk fountains, or for use where paper confetti is needed. Each packet contains yellow, green, white , red, and blue.
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