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An empty vase and a cylinder are clearly shown. Water is poured into the vase and the vase is then covered with the cylinder. The cylinder is then removed and the contents of the vase is then tossed toward the audience. Expecting to be drenched with water, the contents have now transformed into confetti that floats harmlessly toward the audience! Water or other liquid does not have to be used however. This utility prop can be made to produce silk hanks, streamers, beads, or any other object that will fit the load chamber. It is also a great prop to transform one item into another, or just make an astounding production from thin air. This fine metal prop is painted with powder coating (like the paint used on bicycles) and is made to last. RUM61UDAQUAVASE

This mechanical masterpiece can be performed close-up and even surrounded. The magician displays a beautifully decorated cabinet that measures about 5 x 5 square and about ten inches tall. The cabinet is open at the top, front, and rear, and may even be examined. A spectator inflates a balloon and places it in the cabinet. The performer then smashes it with a plunger, proclaiming that a rabbit will appear as the balloon pops. "Unfortunately" the magician reaches into the cabinet and brings out a flat rabbit! Oh no! The magician tries it again. This time the balloon pops and a live dove appears! Scores of other effects are possible such as the production of silk hanks, candy, a glass of liquid, or anything else that is about the size of the cabinet. This great utility prop is easy to do and allows for some great comedy and fun.

The magician shows a large cloth on both sides. He reaches up under the cloth and apparently "catches" a large object under the cloth. He carries the cloth and apparent object over to a small pedestal table and sits the object on the table. When he removes the cloth, a large bowl has appeared! Comes with bowl, table, and complete instructions. "Large cloth" not included.

The magican shows two beautifully made wooden tubes. The larger tube is displayed to be completely empty. To further prove the tube's emptiness, it is slipped down over the smaller tube and then lifted up again. Next the smaller tube is shown to be completely empty. The smaller tube is laid on its side and the larger tube is stacked on top to alleviate any suspicion of table traps and the like. The magician then proceeds to produce a huge array of silk hanks, flowers, or other production items including livestock. This wonderfully made rendition of this classic effect features fine craftsmanship and birch luan to sustain years of constant use. Recommended.

A clear tumbler full of sugar is covered with an empty cylinder. When the cylinder is lifted away, the sugar has changed to candy, which can be distributed to members of the audience. Perfect for birthday party shows! The special clear plastic glass and decorated metal cylinder supplied make this easy to perform. You an use the apparatus to change milk to chocolates, or for many other similar transformation effects. Each unit is supplied with complete instructions. 056nufud00450

The magician displays a clear plastic tube to be completely empty. He places an ornate yellow metal tube down over the clear tube. A moment later when the metal tube is lifted, the clear tube is full of silk hanks, fruits and vegetables, or any other item(s) that can fit in the tube. The uses for this utility prop are endless and it comes complete with three silk hanks, a $15 value! The trick is easy to do and well made. It is fine effect that is limited only to the imagination of the performer. 0083MM2530

The magician shows a beautifully decorated box. It is open at the top and bottom and the audience can see all the way through it. The box is placed on a thin wooden base. Immediately the magician can reach inside the box and produce a large array of silk handkerchiefs, spring flowers, and other items. The box is once again shown empty and placed back on the base. The magician then reaches inside and produces two live doves, guinea pig, rubber chicken, spring animal, or other large item! This classic Abbott’s Magic effect was created by Bud West and can be performed completely surrounded. The box is approximately 15" x 8 1/2" x 8" making this production apparatus great for the stand-up or stage performer. We have only one of these classic items in stock. It is an older piece of apparatus but is in very good condition.

The magician shows a beautifully made metal chaffing dish. The lid is removed and the pan is shown to be completely empty. Cigarette lighter fluid can be ignited in the pan or a piece of flashpaper can be inserted that bursts into flames. Or the pan can simply just be shown empty. The lid is clamped back down over the pan and when it is reopened, the pan's load is produced! Perhaps it is unfortunate that the prop is called a "dove pan" because it can be made to produce just about anything that will fit in the pan. In fact most of the time magicians just produce silk scarves, candy, confetti, beads, and even a birthday cake! The prop's usefulness as a production item is limitless. This beautifully made prop is spun in steel and powder coated with gloss red paint. It features excellent craftsmanship and the small base attached to the bottom of the pan makes it more visible to the audience. Recommended. 0402RUMUDDOVEPAN_SING

Traditionally because of its name, the Dove Pan has been identified as a piece of magic apparatus to produce a dove. It has many more uses than this of course, and this paperback book by the late Bruce Posgate details dozens of tricks that can be done with the apparatus. Included in the book are tricks with coins, cards, beads, liquids, clocks, balloons, and a wide range of other ticks that will inspire your imagination. Bring new life to your Dove Pan or Chick Pan with inspiration from this timeless book. Note that this book is now out of print. Get it while you can! 053NUFmb00040

A metal cylinder approximately 4" in diameter and 2" in depth is shown empty. Two metal bands are used to secure tissue paper in place on the cylinder to form a drum. The drum is then placed on a metal base in full view of the audience. The magician the breaks through the paper covering and pulls forth a production of several silk hanks. This item requires no loading, is self contained, and may be performed surrounded, even up-close or on the stage. Stands about eight inches high when the drum is assembled on the stand. Made out of polished aluminum. Silk hanks and tissue paper not supplied. 0543NUFMO00640
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