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The magician shows a wooden pole with three silk hanks hanging down and tied to it. Two of the hanks are the same color, and the third silk hank on one of the ends is a different color. The magician commands the off-color silk hank on the end to jump to the other end. When he passes the pole behind his back, the odd color hank has indeed jumped to the other end. Of course the effect can be repeated but the audience will continue to groan, because everyone (and especially the kids in the audience who tend to be a bit more vocal) know the magician is just revolving the pole 180 degrees when he passes it behind his back! Suddenly the odd color hank visibly jumps to the middle position! A classic "its fun to be fooled" magic trick.

This beautiful American flag is made out of pure silk with hand-rolled hems, and is perfect for patriotic tricks and productions. Measures a whopping 36 x 54 inches! 0081nufgo01140

This 100% pure silk American flag is an excellent production item from your favorite production apparatus. Measures about 12 x 16." 006nufro01180

This is one of the most eye-pleasing effects in magic. With modern handling, this effect is now performed without the aid of gimmicked silk hanks or dye tube!

The magician shows four oversized silk handkerchiefs: Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. Suddenly, the hanks morph into a single, stunning "sunburst" silk hank!

This trick is beautiful, colorful, and easy to do! The fine quality silk hanks have hand rolled hemms and are the proper (5 momme) weight, which make this trick a dream to handle. 0002nufro00960

The late Karrell Fox is accredited with these unique production silk hanks that he called Korn Silks. When produced, the magician holds each hank up in front of himself just below his chin for a comical picture! This four hank set comes from Duane and Mary Laflin who have become know as fine purveyors of fine silk magic. Each hank is silk screened onto pure silk, and measures about 36 inch square. NUF24vf00500

Where would we be in magic without the change bag? This is a classic magic prop that has great utility. The bag can make handkerchiefs and other objects appear, disappear, or transform. Drop an item in the bag and immediately turn it inside out and the object has disappeared! Easy to do and this bag is well made!

The magician shows a twelve inch white silk handkerchief. The hank is ordinary and completely ungimmicked. He starts poking the hank into his closed fist. When the hank is poked in about half way, he reaches under the fist and pulls half-way into view a red handkerchief! Apparently the white hank is changing color as it is pushed and pulled through the closed fist. The last half of the white hank is pushed into the fist and it it exits out the bottom of the hand completely red. The suspicious closed fist is opened and the hand is completely empty! This is a visual, direct, and straight-forward way to do the color changing handkerchief effect. Created by Bruce Chadwick and later pirated under the name "Eclipse," the outfit comes complete with two handkerchiefs, instructions, and that necessary something.

A long black silk streamer is displayed. With a quick shake it visibly changes to a rainbow of colors! Completely self-contained and requires very little practice. Visual colorful magic that can be easily performed by adults or children. Made from 100% fine Chinese silk. 059nufgo01150

The magician removes a silk handkerchief from a square crystal clear plastic box. He makes the hank disappear using a favorite method. He then picks up the empty box, shows it all around, and then instantaneously the silk hank reappears inside the cube! This is an attractive piece of equipment and useful for also producing spring flowers. The cube is trimmed with light reflected Mylar that gives the box a sparking rainbow of light and color. 0043NUFIP00130

A crystal tube is shown to the audience. Three different colored silk hanks are tucked into the tube. The magician holds the tube to his mouth and blows the hanks out of the tube. The hanks have tied themselves end-to-end! Easy to do magic. It will make you a pro! 007RUMCRYSTALTUBE
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