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The magician borrows or otherwise displays an ordinary red Bic lighter. As he passes it through his fist, it instantly changes to the color white! The magician can show his hands to be completely empty! Or the magician may show a red Bic lighter, push it into his fist and then pull a red silk hank from the bottom of his fist. The magician can then open his hand and the lighter is now white! Somehow the magician has pulled the red color right out of the lighter! The outfit comes with two gimmicks, one to change a lighter to red and the other to change a lighter to white. Very well made, an easy to do effect, and very effective performed up close or on the platform.

Also known as lycopodium powder, this bottle of yellowish-looking powder can easily be hidden in the palm of the hand. When the plastic bottle is squeezed, it jettisons a small stream of powder. When squirted into an open flame, it creates a jet of fire, kind of like a small flame thrower! It is interesting that this powder must be squirted into an open flame such as a candle, otherwise the powder is not flammable! Amazing stuff! 534RUMDRAGONSBREATH or 004NUFFX00015

A flaming ball of fire appears in the palm of the magician's hand! The fire leaps from one hand to the other. The magician can routine the fire's mysterious appearance/disappearance throughout his act. Comes complete with two gimmicks, one for each hand. Invented by the late Yutaka Kikuchi and copied by many, this version of Fickle Fire features metal fire chambers and cupped heat protectors. Flints are easily replaced and the units use ordinary cigarette lighter fluid available at any drug store (not included of course). 0021nufud01060

Finally the magic world has a gimmick that will ignite flash cotton without the use of cigarettes, matches, or flame. This clever device can be used at anytime in the magician's act. The device is easily concealed in the right or left hand by slipping one's index finger into the attached ring, strike down with the thumb, and a fire flash is produced! This unit is sturdily constructed, painted flesh color, and will last for hundreds of performances before the easily changed flint will need to be replaced. Flashcotton sold separately. 0001RUMFLINTFLAS or 0501nuffx00020

The Jap Hank Box revised! A small black rectangular box without a top or bottom is displayed to the audience. Immediately flames leap out of the top of the box! The flames go out and a red silk handkerchief is pulled from the box. Again flames appear. The hank is then pushed through the burning box and the flames are extinguished. The box is shown empty again! Lastly, the hank is threaded through the box via the two small finger holes in each end of the box. Again flames appear but the hank does not burn. The hank is pulled from the box, the flames go out, and the hank is completely unharmed. This is incredible magic, easy to do, and aesthetically pleasing to watch. NOTE: This item has long been off the market, is rare and is difficult to find. The Illusion Warehouse was the USA wholesale supplier of Yutaka Kikuchi Magic before his demise. We only have one of these Fire Boxes on hand, and in fact didn't even know that we had this item until we recently found it while cleaning out our stock room. After this one is sold, we will once again remove this item from our website.

Fire appears inside a collapsed top hat. The hat is popped open, turned upside down, and a silk handkerchief flutters out!

We were recently cleaning out our stock room and we found a couple of brand new never used and ORIGINAL Yutaka Kikuchi Fire Hat gimmicks! This is a great magic item created and hand made by the late Kikuchi in the 1980's. A USED Fire Hat gimmick recently sold on Keena Thompson's Magic Auction site for $136. Not only is this item great magic, it is also a collector's item! Get this item while you can. After we sell these, and this item will disappear forever from our website. Comes complete with gimmick and full instructions. Use any collapsible top hat and silk hank.

The magician reaches into his pocket and removes his wallet. He opens the wallet and flame burst forth! He closes the wallet to put out the flames. When he opens the wallet, it is filled with dollar bills! This is truly a startling effect. The wallet is a standard bi-fold hip type wallet that is made of soft black leather. Not sold to minors. Buyer and user beware! This item uses real fire and ordinary cigarette lighter fluid from your local drug store. 0071FOLAH-0001

One package of fast-burning flash cotton. Ideal for the "Finger Flash" gimmick. Each package provides for at least a couple of dozen performances. 005NUFFX00350

NOTE: Because it is unlawful to ship this item through the US Mail, flash products are an in-store pick-up item only.

A booklet of 20 sheets of flashpaper about the size of cigarette papers. Note that a half sheet of this flashpaper creates about the same amount of flash as a full sheet, and thus the reason we always cut the sheets in half to give up to 40 performances!

NOTE: Because it is unlawful to ship this item through the US Mail, flash products are an in-store pick-up item only. 575nuffx00330 or 582RUMHAZ_FLASHPAD2x3

Ten feet of fast burning string. The string has the weave and size of thick candle wick cord. 528nuffx00360

NOTE: Because it is unlawful to ship this item through the US Mail, flash products are an in-store pick-up item only.
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