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After your volunteer assists you with a trick, you give him what appears to be at first glance a magic wand. The wand is unrolled and it is revealed to be a diploma that announces the volunteer is now an official member of the magician's assistant club! A great give-away or momento for the volunteer who helps you in your show. Comes with a packet of 25 diplomas. Use one to have more printed at your local office supply store.

This professional backdrop support system was designed with versatility and ease for the modern magician. The patented crossbar connection allows for effortless setup and disassembling, so it can easily be used in virtually any performing environment. It also prevents sagging in the middle of the bar, ensuring the bar's firm, straight hold. Each stand comes with a convenient carrying bag, for further transport ease. The maximum width is 12-1/2 feet and the minimum width is 6.3 feet. The frame will extend up to 10'-6" tall and weighs a mere 18 pounds. The frame will hold a gross load of 55 pounds and therefore can be used with any drape fabric, six foot square Rice silk, or other printed backdrop or curtain fabric. Backdrop Support Frame only, no curtain or cloth included. Highly recommended. And remember, we pay the shipping for orders over $100!

This includes the Backdrop Support Frame above, plus a custom made pennine crushed velvet curtain that is about 7-1/2" tall. This allows for this professional backdrop set-up to be used indoors under standard eight foot high ceilings. These backdrops are professionally made with surged edges and simple pockets to facilitate the horizontal pole. Curtains are made on demand and take only a few days to build. Colors available include red, black, green, and purple. Please specify color via e-mail when ordering.

A bottomless clear plastic glass that can be used in a variety of ways. Make items appear and disappear from the glass while its covered with a handkerchief. Combine it with the Handkerchief Pedistal for phenemenol magic! Perform the famous Kling Klang egg routine! A great utility prop.

For close-up magic, the performance mat is often the magician's stage. Close-up mats provide a professional appearance for card, coin, cups and balls, or other up-close type magic. The mats we sell are some of the best made and are an ample 14" x 18" size. Our mats have plush surfaces and rubberized backings to help keep them in place during performance. We sell black only, the color of choice by most professionals. 008MM0230

This one-half fluid ounce container of flesh colored paint is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to painting or touching-up your flesh colored gimmicks.

It is hard to buy for a magician! Unless you know exactly what he or she wants, your purchases of magic apparatus will be a hit or miss process. How about a Gift Certificate instead? Our certificates come in $25 increments. Note too that even though our website shopping cart will calculate shipping and add it to all invoice totals under $100, no shipping amount is actually charged for gift certificates. Also note that gift certificates can be sent via US Mail or e-mailed as a PDF document.

In the right hands the handkerchief ball is a powerful secret weapon for vanishing a large silk hank. It can also be used to make handkerchiefs appear out of thin air! Popularized in magic history by Stillwell, the ball we sell is spun aluminum and painted with flesh colored paint. The catgut loop can be removed. There is none made better. 057nufmo00110

This Handkerchief Pull is like the less expensive item above except that it is made from the same high quality vinyl as the Vernet thumb tips. It is flesh colored and has a detachable cover that works something like a "comb" to hold objects in its grasp. You can vanish virtually any object with this pull such as finger rings, handkerchiefs, combs, dollar bills, ink pens, or other small objects. Professionally this item is called a "Universal Pull" by the Vernet company of Argentina. This is the best pull on the magic market.

These production coils enable the performer to produce yards and yards of paper "ribbon" from an empty hat (or any other production prop). The end result is a mountain of ribbon usually much larger than the hat or production prop. Each white paper hat coil is about 5" in diameter and an inch thick. Coils are not reusable. 351nufud00125
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