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The magician displays what appears to be an ordinary light bulb. At his command the lamp mysteriously lights up in his hand! Routine the spooky lighting and unlighting so that the lamp answers questions to the mentalists questions; lit once for yes and twice for no. The uses are unlimited! Based upon flashlight technology, this is a classic in the field of magic. 124FOLAL-0001

The magician reaches up into the air and produces a glowing red light at his fingertips! The light is put in the pocket and then mysteriously reappears at the fingertips The light can be made to come from your elbow, belly button, or even your nose! Reach over to the on/off light on your television and "take part of the light away." Reach into your pocket and exclaim, "Hey kid, look. I've got Rudolph's nose!" Shine a laser pointer at the wall. Reach over and "remove" the pin-point light and put it into your pocket. Reach up to scratch your ear and your ear glows red! Comes as a set of two so that hand to hand transfer is possible. This set is the new dual pack Prisma lights package, the ultra bright version and can be clearly seen from a distance. Far superior as compared to the inexpensive oriental knock-offs. Recommended. 009RUMSBPRISMA_REDPAIR

The magician shows what appears to be an empty paper sack. Holding the bag open with one hand, he reaches up into the air and plucks a light out of thin air (thanks to our trusted friend the D'Lite gimmick). As the light is placed in the paper bag, the light can be seen dropping into the bag. This can be repeated multiple times until ten lights have been produced. Highly visible, modern, and truly unique magic. Comes with bag and instructions. D'Lites not included. 0012NUFCI00410

In the traditions of Blackstone, we are proud to introduce our version of the classic floating light bulb. Not only does the bulb mysteriously light without any apparent electrical connections, but it can float around the performer and even out into the audience! While not for every performing venue, our outfit comes with one atomic lamp, special socket, and directions on various ways to rig the set-up. Note that this effect is best performed with theatrical lighting and distance from the audience. Various methods of rigging are presented including one-man performance moves as well as those that require offstage assistance. This trick was originally innovated by Burling Hull.

The magician turns a lamp on. Next he takes a pitcher or glass of milk and makes it vanish (via a Magic Milk Pitcher or other similar apparatus). The moment the milk vanishes, the lamp goes out. The magician removes the lamp shade, unscrews the bulb, and pours out the vanished milk! Don't like working with liquid? This classic trick can be done with salt, a silk hank, confetti, small candies and so forth. Most importantly, a wireless remote control puts the magician is in full control of the lamp going out. This is a professional prop, strong in effect, and comes complete with lamp, light bulb, remote and instructions. Magic Milk Pitcher not included. Note that vase design sometimes varies.
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