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Jack Hughes designed and built a fantastic table in his day called the Su-Table. Many versions of this famous nightclub type table have been built over the years. Our Suitcase Table has all the features you could possibly want in this style of table. Custom built by Chadwick Illusion Fabrications, we feature very strong construction and Formica laminate exterior. This table is professionally built to exacting standards. Keep in mind that since this item is custom built, customers can choose from a wide array of laminate colors, patterns, and size variations. Contact us for more details. Due to size, weight, and the fact that this item is custom built, the Suitcase Table does not qualify for free shipping.

The unique suitcase table features a protective black covering, the answer to abrasion problems since there is no paint to scratch! The non-woven poly olefin fiber material won't unravel or snag. The covering also allows the magician to hang his own personalized sign or banner with male Velcro. Also because of the carpet-like fabric, the table looks clean and professional. Each table is constructed of 3/8 inch birch plywood and piano hinges. The table features shelves for increased storage and heavy duty casters make for ease of handling. When folded, the table snaps shut with two durable steel latches. Built by Chadwick Illusion Fabrications. Please note that due to size and weight, this item does not qualify for free shipping.

The magician asks a spectator to remove something from the table and the table top tilts and dumps the other items off the table and onto the floor! The table won't dump for the magician however. Use the Til-Tin Tippin table top as a running gag! Table base is not included. We suggest the Eureka Table Base listed above.

This very nice looking top hat is attached to a Eureka Table Base, enabling the table top height to be adjusted up to 59 inches high. The top hat itself is standard size. Just unscrew the top hat from the stand and collapse both the tripod and hat for packing! A great table for manipulation and "in one" type acts.
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