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This is an inexpensive black plastic non-locking card box. The box will make cards appear, disappear, and transform. A torn card can be restored. Make your business card appear. Make a prediction appear written on a previously blank piece of paper. The uses are endless. 571nufro00450

Four cards of the same value are haphazardly placed into the middle of the deck. The deck is placed in a crystal stem glass and the glass is momentarily covered with a handkerchief. When the hank is whipped away, one of the cards has jumped to the front of the deck! This is repeated three more times and each time one of the cards jumps to the front. Simple, easy to do, and the trick can be reset in seconds. Comes complete with a deck of cards, glass, and full instructions. Handkerchief not included. A version of this trick was perfomed by Lance Burton on a recent television special.

This is a replacement glass for the Card Busters effect. The stem wine glass is made out of crystal from Mikasa. The glass perfectly holds a deck of poker sized playing cards and is also perfect for rising card effects.

The magician cascades a number of cards down into a serving tray. He covers the tray with a large handkerchief or other cloth covering. He grabs the center of the cloth, raises it straight upward and when the magician lets go of the cloth, magically it stays upright! Something has appeared under the covering? The magician whips the cloth away and a towering card castle has been created! This effect is very visual and extremely easy to do. It can also be seen in virtually any normal performing environment. Comes with castle and complete instructions. Tray not included. 0501nufud00330

This is the best Card Duck that has been made available to the magic market in years! Not unlike the original Hamilton duck has the action been smoother. One or more spectators choose cards from a deck. The cards are returned to the deck and the deck is mixed. The cards are placed into the recepticle in front of the ornate wooden duck. With the duck in the magician's hands, the duck reaches down and plucks the selected cards one-by-one from the deck!

Keep your playing cards crisp, nice and flat with this stainless steel clip. Designed to clip around cards in their cardboard case, this is a great appliance for the card worker. Also sometimes called a "Card Clip." This one is made to fit a deck of cards perfectly. 575MM0601

A spectator chooses a card and then signs the face of the card so that it can be easily identified later in the routine. The signed card is shuffled into the deck and the deck is rubber-banded together. The magician tosses the deck toward the ceiling. The banded deck comes back down but the selected card remains attached to the ceiling!

You show a gleaming metal sword and set it aside. Three cards are then selected and shuffled back into the deck. A volunteer is next asked to throw the deck of cards in to the air. As the cards flutter to the ground, the performer stabs the sword into their midst. Three cards are found impaled on the sword, the same three cards selected by the volunteers! The cards can be handed out as souvenirs.

This well made prop is priced at fraction of the cost of other Card Swords. The sword is made of brass and is nickel plated to a high glossy metallic shine. The Card Sword measures approximately 29" from top to bottom and the handle can be detached for storage and transport. Indeed, a very nice prop and hard to keep in stock. 0594nufud00010

A spectator chooses a card. Taking the magician's Sharpie marker, he writes his name on the card so that the card can be identified at a later time. The card is shuffled into the deck. A moment later however, the selected card has disappeared! The magician reaches into his pocket and produces an calfskin leather wallet. He opens the wallet and inside is a zippered compartment. The compartment is unzipped, the magician reaches inside the compartment and produces the spectator's signed card! Truly a classic illusion in magic. This wallet is the single-fold hip pocket type billfold. Certainly it can be carried and used as a regular billfold. Very nicely made and recommended.

A spectator is invited to name any card in the deck. The magician next displays that the back of his cards has a stick-figure of a magician drawn on it. The deck is riffled and the cards with other stick-figures rush by one-by-one. The drawings become an animated cartoon where the stick-figure pulls a card from his top hat and reveals that it is the same one the spectator named! Can be immediately repeated because any card named can be the one the stick-figure pulls out of his hat! 09nufhr00010
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